Description and Discovery

This guy has a friend that keeps telling him about this wonderful girl that he wants him to meet. He thinks about this girl, but thinks that she couldn’t possibly be as wonderful as his friend thinks she is. Every so often, his friend offers some new fact about this girl and how he really should meet her. His response? Sometime, maybe. Then one day, through his friend’s efforts, he meets her. He discovers that she really is special, even more than his friend had claimed. She is so exceptional, he concludes that she would never consider him. Lo and behold, he comes to realize that she cares for him a lot. The day comes when he discovers that she does indeed love him. He is so overwhelmed that he finally declares his love for her. From that moment on, they never want to be apart. On a far greater level, it’s that way with Jesus. The Bible tells us of the wonder of His Person. It goes to great lengths to spell out all of the wonderful things that are true of Him. People tell us about Him; tell us we should know Him. Eventually we encounter each other and a relationship is established. We come to discover that He is far greater than all that was claimed and we are committed to each other, forever! All the information about Him was needed and created interest and a curiosity and desire to meet Him. However, meeting Him and being related to Him far surpassed all the information that led up to the discovery. Scripture is absolutely essential to reveal Him. Nevertheless, once we receive Him, the discovery surpasses the description! Considering the hymn, “All for Jesus,” this must have been what Mary D. James discovered. In her own words:  “Since my eyes were fixed on Jesus, I’ve lost sight of all beside,– so enchained my spirit’s vision, looking at the crucified. Oh, what wonder! how amazing! Jesus, glorious King of kings, deigns to call me His beloved, lets me rest beneath His wings. All for Jesus! all for Jesus! Resting now beneath His wings!” Selah! My illustration at the beginning was woefully inadequate; the reality is so great! Don’t end with the description; go on to the reality!   Ron

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