If It’s Locked, Use the Key!

People struggle with the Bible. They believe what some ignorant person says about it; they ignore it themselves; they say it’s boring and/or that they can’t understand it. They make all kinds of excuses for not reading it or believing it. Some have read it through and dismissed it, or diminished it as nothing more than interesting literature. To all such, it’s a “locked” book! What is still more awful is when Christians struggle to come to grips with it but fail to use the key to unlock its treasures. The key? There’s a key that unlocks the Bible? Absolutely! The key is a Person! The key is Jesus! Regarding the Scriptures, Jesus said in John 5:39: “…. they (the Scriptures) are they which testify of Me.” For hearts open to receive Truth, seeing Jesus from Genesis to Revelation is the key that unlocks the understanding of God’s Word. Once you go through that door, open your life to Him as Savior and Lord; you’ll spend the rest of your life understanding and internalizing more and more of its Truth treasures! Eliza E. Hewitt captures this reality in the third stanza of her hymn, “More About Jesus:” More about Jesus in His Word, holding communion with my Lord; hearing His voice in ev’ry line, making each faithful saying mine. Selah! The fact that the whole Bible is about Jesus is a testimony to its inspiration. Humanly, it wouldn’t be possible. Perhaps, God willing, we’ll think on this tomorrow. Do stop by. We miss you when you don’t!   Ron

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One thought on “If It’s Locked, Use the Key!

  1. The greatest gift ever given to me, was the Family Bible. When I was small, It was a gift from my sister Charlotte to my parents. For some, it was a great decoration for our coffee table, but for others of us, it was something we were driven to pick up and read. The pictures in this Bible are vivid, and they make you want to read the stories behind them. When my Mom got older, she passed it on to me. I didn’t understand at the time why she gave it to me. There were several others in the family who were Catholic. I finally asked her about this. She replied that I was the one who seemed to like reading it the most, next to my Dad, and he was no longer with us. I have another Bible. It is newer, and it is handy for Bible Studies outside of my home, but my Family Bible is my haven, where I can dwell with the Trinity here at home, and it is my lifeline in or out of my home, as I carry on the days that our loving and merciful God allows. God bless you, a Pastor Ron and Jan.

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