Seeing, At Last!

Emptiness, doubts, fears, worries, frustration, guilt, hopelessness, unanswered questions, a troubled heart, etc., with some pleasure, fun, love, usefulness, etc. thrown in. Trying to suppress our feelings of something missing, we try to get our minds onto other things. We live for pleasure, try to keep busy, lose ourselves to deadly addictions, get caught up in illicit sexual activity, take on a cause, pursue a hobby, accumulate wealth or any other means to stifle the unsatisfied cravings within. This condition is spiritual death, the blackest of darkness, blindness and lostness. We may refuse to believe it but that is what it is! And that’s how it will be forever, unless we are exposed to the Light of the gospel! When that occurs, we can keep our eyes tightly shut or truly see, at last! If we really open our eyes, we can say, as Paul did in Second Corinthians 4:6: “For God, Who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” W. C. Martin experienced this and made it part of the hymn: “Still Sweeter Every Day.” Martin wrote: “His glory broke upon me when I saw Him from afar; He’s fairer than the lily, brighter than the morning star; He fills and satisfies my longing spirit o’er and o’er; each day He grows still sweeter than He was the day before.” Selah! When we see His Truth, respond in faith and repentance, and are restored to Spiritual life, a whole new world of wonder, love and praise excites our redeemed vision. The darkness is gone; His glory shines in our inner being! Praise His name! Ron

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