Zooming In

There is much that we have to deal with in life. If we are born again and are becoming discipled, there are responsibilities that require time and energy and sometimes a lot of both. In fact, it is often difficult to balance our daily responsibilities. In the midst of all of this, what matters most can be lost in the shuffle. We need to have regular times each day, sometimes brief times and usually ample times , to: “Be still, and know that I am God.” (From Psalm 46:10). Jesus said, in Matthew 11:28: “Come unto Me…..and I will give you rest.” In Mark 6:31, Jesus told His disciples: “….Come ye your selves apart….and rest a while.” Jesus got alone, sometimes for hours, with His Father. Paul spent much time in prayer. In the middle of all our often stressing activities, we miss the centerpiece of our lives. First and foremost, we need to take time to “zoom in” on our Lord and Savior, our God. How recently have you dropped everything and just “zoomed in” on Him and what He means to us? Let me add another intensely essential area for our focus: I speak of the Cross! Can we recall a time, even in the last few months, when we “zoomed in” and really thought on the Cross and on what it cost our Savior? In the wide picture of our lives, it is far too easy to lose sight of what matters most of all! Our daily lives flow on with all our cares and duties; only disciplined effort and determination will enable us to “zoom in” and fix our eyes upon Jesus. In the hymn, “A Quiet Place,” Composer Ralph Carmichael gives us these thoughtful lyrics: “There is a quiet place, far from the rapid pace, where God can soothe my troubled mind; sheltered by tree and flow’r, there in the quiet hour with Him, my cares are left behind. Whether a garden small, or on a mountain tall, new strength and courage there I find; then from this quiet place I go prepared to face a new day with love for all mankind.” Selah! Losing sight of Jesus and the Cross in a flurry of daily activity renders us bereft of the greatest privilege ever offered to redeemed beings!   Ron

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