What About Our Language?

“I swore, but I didn’t mean anything by it, it just came out.” Try telling that same kind of lame excuse to the judge the next time you are arrested for speeding. Even Christians sometimes say wrong things that they try to excuse. Why do people do this? It is because we let emotions drive our speech. We get angry and say something hateful. We share an off-color story because it amused us. Fear of unpleasant consequences motivates us to lie. As long as the tongue is under the sway of wrong emotions, the evil will continue. When we allow this, it is like we are shining a flashlight on the “garbage” in our hearts. Jesus, while rebuking religious hypocrites, revealed the cause of our hearts’ “garbage.” You’ll find this in Matthew 12:34: “….for out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.”  We are saying: “What you are hearing is an outpouring of the “garbage” in my heart.” What can we do about it? First, recognize the corruption,  Next, if you are born again, ask God for help. If you are not His, come to Him. Once you know Him as Savior and Lord, you’ll have His help. Let His Word put “steel’ in your “will.” Our wills must be stronger than our emotions. Nevertheless, the source must be cleaned up. The “garbage” must be removed by a determined choice of our  sanctified “wills.” This is called: repentance! Then our hearts are purified “with the washing of water by the Word.” (From Ephesians 5:26). As this washing is cleaning our hearts, we bring our emotions in subjection to our God-enabled “wills.” We must also replenish the purged area with God’s commands, principles, values, desires, etc. With the fruits of righteousness filling our inner being, we’ll cease displaying “garbage” and start displaying good fruit. Elisha A. Hoffman, asks and answers two essential questions. The first question supplied the title of his hymn: “Is your all on the altar of sacrifice laid?” The second question is this: “Your heart does the Spirit control?” The answer? “You can only be blest and have peace and sweet rest, as you yield Him your body and soul.” Selah! When our body is yielded, and our soul, God is ready to strengthen our wills to do His will. Unholy emotions must be overcome by God’s Word. As the Word controls, holy emotions will follow.  Ron

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