What About Learning?

Learning, in and of itself, isn’t necessarily bad or wrong. In fact, basic learning is essential to our daily living. What matters greatly is why we want to learn, what teachers are allowed to give input into our minds, and how discerning we have become. Do we want to learn so that we can take pride in our intellectual achievements or to use knowledge to make us wise and to help others? What do we know about schools we might go to or teachers that we might listen to? Do we assume that what we are being taught is right because of the academic credentials of the educator or can we truly discern between truth and error? A corrupt source will supply corrupt information. We have two basic worldviews: One begins and ends with God; the other is God-rejecting and starts and ends with fallen people. The former looks to God Who is the ultimate authority on life; the latter looks to mankind for answers to the meaning of life and ends in the deadliest of dead-ends! No wonder the Psalmist was inspired to write in Psalm 1:1, “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly.” At an “Institute in Basic Life Principles Seminar,” we were given some very good definitions of three important Biblical words. Here they are: knowledge is understanding life from God’s point of view; wisdom is responding to life from God’s point of view; grace is the ability that God gives to enable us to respond to life from His point of view. Proverbs 1:7 informs us that: “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge.” I Corinthians 3:19 reveals God’s attitude toward the world’s wisdom: “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.” James 3:17 pinpoints the source of genuine wisdom: “….the wisdom that is from above.” In Titus 2:11, we are told that it is: “the grace of God that bringeth salvation.” This salvation brings the life of God into our inner being and His Presence, using His Word, energizes us to live Godly. He galvanizes our wills to do right. When we exercise that will to do what Scripture teaches and refuse to respond to emotional appeals to give in to evil, we have learned a truly vital lesson. Gene Routh wrote the hymn: “I Know the Bible Is True,” in which he explains what Scripture means to us: “I know the Bible is wholly true, for peace it gave me within; it finds me, comforts me day by day, and gives me victory o’er sin. Tho foes deny with a spirit bold the message old, but still new, its Truth is sweeter each time ’tis told, I know the Bible is true.” Selah! Fallen men’s worldview leads to Hell! The worldview of Scripture leads to Heaven. Which worldview do you trust?   Ron

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