Our Country and A Disciple

Too often we look at current conditions in our country and “feel’ hopeless and helpless. Or we look at ourselves and “feel” that we can’t make a significant difference. Either way, we aid the enemy’s agenda, if we go by our feelings. In the first view, we are looking to the problem and not the Problem Solver. In the second view, we are looking to ourselves and not to our Savior. In John 16:33, Jesus said, “….In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” The ultimate victory is already assured. If that’s true, do we assume a fatalistic attitude that whatever will be, will be? Just ask yourself, who would benefit most by your doing nothing! Jesus made it clear in Luke 19:13: “….Occupy till I come.” There is no justification for giving up! What can we do? First and foremost is to be sure that we are born again. Once that is done, we can pray! We can ask God for and receive forgiveness for sin(s) in our lives. We can pray for the lost. We can pray for our country and leaders. We can pray for revival and for spiritual awakening. We can pray for strength, wisdom and guidance. Then we can put “feet” to our prayers. We can witness; we can live Godly; we can vote; we can write letters; we can support good candidates; we can be active in our local church; we can support home and foreign missions, etc. Someone might say that it will make no real difference, so why bother. History contradicts that kind of unbelief. God has often intervened in response to His children’s obedience and concerns. Revivals have come as a result of one or several being burdened and praying fervently. You or I could be that one, or one among a few. We are not relieved from duty, until we are summoned home, or the trumpet sounds! Ralph Carmichael gives us a powerful reminder in his hymn, “We Are More Than Conquerors.” Think on his words: “We are more than conquerors thru Him Who loved us so — the Christ Who dwells within us is the greatest pow’r we know! He will fight beside us  tho the enemy be great — who can stand against us? He’s the Captain of our fate. Then we will conquer, never fear — so let the battle rage! He has promised to be near us until the end of the age. We are  more than conquerors thru Him that loved us so — the Christ Who dwells within us is the greatest pow’r we know!Selah! Just as Jesus multiplied one boy’s lunch, He can multiply the outcome of your efforts or mine. Offer whatever you have and leave the outcome up to Him!   Ron 

Questions? E-Mail me at knowingtheway1@gmail.com 


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