A Preview of Glory

Movie producers provide previews. They hope you will pay to see their product and/or buy a DVD of it.  It is something like that on a spiritual level. God hasn’t given us a movie preview. He has, however, given us a preview. It’s called: “The Holy Bible.” In it, we are given a generous view of the central Person in the drama, our Lord Jesus Christ. The entire Bible is about Him! John exclaimed, when thinking back to when Jesus was with him and the others, “….(and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.” (From John 1:14). Now this wonderful Revelation, the Word of God, is a preview of the glory to come when we see God’s full revelation unfold forever! There is no charge to see this for anyone who has come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord. Jesus paid the price in full and whosoever will receive His gift of salvation will be there to see the King in all His beauty! Paul, under inspiration, told the Corinthian church: ‘For now we see through a glass (a preview?) darkly; but then face to face.” (From I Corinthians 13:12). In his hymn, “He Is So Precious to Me,” it is obvious that Charles H. Gabriel was blessed by the preview and looked forward to seeing the whole revelation. He put it this way: “I love Him because He appointed a place where someday, thro’ faith in His wonderful grace, I know I shall see Him, shall look on His face, for He is so precious to me. For He is so precious to me, for He is so precious to me; ‘tis heaven below my Redeemer to know, for He is so precious to me.” Selah! The more that you see Him and enjoy Him here, the greater will be your longing for Heaven. You’ll have all eternity to be blessed by the whole revelation.   Ron

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One thought on “A Preview of Glory

  1. Another nice one, Ron. And I just love that hymn – it just sets the stage to worship our Blessed Lord. We surely have a wonderful Lord indeed.

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