What A Place!

Man began life here on earth in harmony and union with his maker. Then came the test! Would man continue that way or would he rebel? A decision must be made. Man chose rebellion and has suffered the consequences ever since. If you have the mistaken idea that God sat wringing His hands wondering how man would decide, you are way off base. God didn’t have a Plan B. He knew exactly how man would decide. The sacrifice of His Son was a “given” before the foundation of the world! Man had to be faced with the results of his rejection of God’s will. He had to see how wicked and corrupt his fallen humanity is. He had to feel guilt and conviction for his crimes against God. He had to behold the damage done by human sin. He had to feel and admit his inability to do even one thing on his own to rescue himself. Man was left with complete unrighteousness and any supposed righteousness from his own efforts reeks of pride and is a stench in the nostrils of God. When he realizes his hopelessness and helplessness and throws himself on the mercy and grace of God, he discovers that God has given him a chance to undo Adam’s damage in his life. We are all sinners! Any sinner who will truly choose to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord, is restored to Spiritual life and will spend eternity with God in Heaven. With the perfect righteousness of Christ credited to him, he begins the remainder of his time on earth experiencing God’s sanctifying power. Sin is being overcome and God’s life is taking over his inner being. When a saved man or woman comes to the end of this earthly life….(to be continued)

.In II Peter 3:9 we discover that the Lord….”is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”

A. J. Hodge has asked a soul-searching question in his hymn: “Have You Counted the Cost?”  “There’s a line that is drawn by rejecting our Lord,  where the call of His Spirit is lost,  and you hurry along with the pleasure-mad throng –  have you counted, have you counted the cost? You may barter your hope of eternity’s morn,  for a moment of joy at the most,  For the glitter of sin and the things it will win –  have you counted, have you counted the cost? Have you counted the cost, if your soul should be lost,  tho’ you gain the whole world for your own?  Even now it may be that the line you have crossed, have you counted, have you counted the cost?” Selah! We deserve no mercy from God! Nevertheless, God offers it to all who will receive His Son. The offer is on the table! If you have taken advantage of it, praise God! If you haven’t, count the cost because the offer can be withdrawn at any time for any unsaved person!   Ron

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