Encyclopedia of Christian Knowledge

I knew a young man once who could reel off baseball facts and statistics from current ones to years back. He had a truly photographic knowledge of the game of baseball. It was impressive! He hadn’t played baseball; he didn’t know any players personally; he hadn’t been to a ballpark. He had all kinds of information but no personal experience. Thinking about him, someone might wonder what good was all that knowledge with no experience. The most the kid could do was to impress people with his knowledge. If he could play the game and succeed, the knowledge would be useful. He was only an encyclopedia of baseball knowledge. There are people who can tell you most any of the facts of the Gospel; they can recite the basic doctrines and even defend them. They can refute error. They might even be able to share these facts with someone and that person might act on those facts and come to Christ. It is possible to be an encyclopedia of Christian knowledge and not know Christ as Savior and Lord. In Philippians 3:10, Paul expressed his personal and passionate desire in these words: “That I may know Him.” He did not say: “That I may know about Him.” He knew about Jesus; that is very important! Knowing the facts, he wanted to know Him personally, become deeply involved with Him, and experience His power in his life. Spiritual Knowledge gives us Truth, information and understanding. Only when we act on the facts does it become personally experiential. My deep concern is for those who are basing their salvation on knowing facts without knowing Jesus, except in an intellectual way only. Anna Olander’s hymn, “If I Gained the World,” gives us pause to consider the consequences of settling for less than a personal experience of the Savior. This is how she put it: “Had I wealth and love in fullest measure, and a name revered both far and near, yet no hope beyond, no harbor waiting where my storm-tossed vessel I could steer — If I gained the world, but lost the Savior who endured the cross and died for me, could then all the world afford a refuge whither in my anguish I might flee? O what emptiness without the Savior mid the sins and sorrows here below! And eternity how dark without Him — only night and tears and endless woe! What tho I might live without the Savior, when I come to die, how would it be? O to face the valley’s gloom without Him! And without Him all eternity? Selah! Knowledge alone will not cut it; knowing Him personally will!  Ron

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One thought on “Encyclopedia of Christian Knowledge

  1. It is frightening to think of how many people have all the facts – but have never applied them to their lives. I remember my pastor as a teen, Pastor Bob Dunlop, tell about a Gospel preacher in NY that had a large church and led many to Christ – yet one Sunday he got up in the pulpit and admitted that he didn’t believe what he had been preaching – he just wanted to see how “influential” he could be. Many were devastated and their faith destroyed.

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