Peace by Peace

What most people do not realize is that we are born “at war” with God. It is not a war in which we take up arms and shoot at God. (Although, some might be that misled). It is an inward resistance, an unwillingness to open ourselves to God and His will for our lives. It is a refusal to relinquish control of our lives, a determination to have our own way. Paul, under inspiration, reveals that all outside of Christ are enemies of God. In Romans 5:10, he writes of those who have not accepted reconciliation as: “…..when we were enemies.” In this condition of alienation, there is no real peace. To sin is to do wicked things because our old nature is wicked. It is in rebellion against God. Isaiah 57:21 states: “There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked.” People may have a surface peace while they are at war with God. This kind of peace ranges from a passive emptiness to a troubled, angry, or frustrated kind. It depends upon circumstances. It has no anchor! It can be present one minute and vanish the next minute. In contrast, when we surrender to God and receive Jesus as Savior and Lord, the war is over! We are at peace with God. At the time of surrender, there begins an impartation of true inward peace that grows and strengthens as we trust God, believe His Word, obey Him and apply His principles. No circumstances can destroy this peace, unless we take our minds off Him and focus on the circumstances. He sustains us all through our lives, when we look to Him in confident trust. Peace with God brings peace in our hearts and minds. It is “peace by peace!” In the hymn, “Wonderful Peace,” Haldor Lillenas  speaks of this inward peace that is ours when we receive Christ: “Peace like a holy and infinite calm, wonderful peace, wonderful peace; like to the strains of an evening psalm, I have peace, sweet peace. Gone is the battle that once raged within, wonderful peace, wonderful peace! Jesus has saved me and cleansed me from sin; I have peace, sweet peace. Peace, peace, wonderful peace! Peace, peace, glorious peace! Since my Redeemer has ransomed my soul, I have peace, sweet peace. Selah! When we open our lives to God, receive salvation, and sink our new roots deep down into God’s Word, there comes “a deep settled peace in our souls.” It is a peace that “….passeth all understanding.” (From Philippians 4:7).   Ron 


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