You’d Best Be Ready!

Probably your mom or dad reminded you of an important event or responsibility, and then added: “You’d best be ready because we’re not waiting around for you!” Or, perhaps you’ve said that to your children. People need to be ready or they can end up missing something very important. Jesus, over and over, has warned every true child of God of an event of major magnitude that could happen at any moment and then admonished us to be ready. Unlike day to day events and responsibilities, lack of readiness for this event has eternal consequences! If anyone reading this has not come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord and this event takes place, you will be lost forever in Hell. You will have no further opportunity to be ready! If you are born again and this event arrives, you cannot escape the consequences of your procrastination. Any changes that you should have made are no longer possible. You will lose rewards; that’s tragic, especially when you see what those rewards are that you missed receiving. Far more regret will be yours when you realize how you have disappointed the One Who loved you so much. We desperately need to ask ourselves, “Am I ready?” If we are not ready, let’s get ready while we can. Jesus, in Matthew 24:42, gives us one of these warnings: “Watch, therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.” Lelia N. Morris asks thought provoking questions and adds a serious challenge in the last stanza of, “What If It Were Today?” Think about this: “Faithful and true would He find us here if He should come today? Watching in gladness and not in fear, if He should come today? Signs of His coming multiply, morning light breaks in eastern sky; watch, for the time is drawing nigh — what if it were today?” Reader, what if it were today? Selah! It could be a long, long time; it could be before you have really thought on this article. Don’t lose this chance to be ready while you have it. Tomorrow, Lord willing, we’ll consider what we can do to be ready. If the trumpet hasn’t sounded, we’ll look for you here.   Ron

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