The Savior or the System?

The early Christians were more thrilled with their shared experience of the risen Christ than in developing a whole lot of formality. That isn’t to say that they were against planning and organization. They were simply more concerned about the “organism,” (the Church) than with formality or organization. They were excited about the Savior, not about a system. Let’s think about this! Are we, who are His, concerned about our local church and its activities and committees and methods of worship more than about Him? Are we caught up in the local church system more than with Him? Certainly we have a responsibility to the local church. The local church is important and can be a blessing to His people. My point is that He is much more important! Let’s really focus on Him above all else! As Paul wrote to the Church at Colosse, in Chapter 1, Verse 18: “….That in all things He might have the preeminence.” When we grasp the implications of experiencing His resurrection wonder and Presence, we will have our focus centered where it belongs and be more of a blessing to our local church than anything else that we could do. In the hymn, “Christ Liveth in Me,” Daniel W. Whittle gives us insights into being preoccupied with Jesus: “Once far from God and dead in sin, no light my heart could see, but in God’s Word the light I found — now Christ liveth in me. As rays of light from yonder sun the flow’rs of earth set free, so life and light and love came forth from Christ living in me. As lives the flow’r within the seed, as in the cone the tree, so, praise the God of Truth and grace, His Spirit dwelleth in me. With longing all my heart is filled that like Him I may be, as on the wondrous thought I dwell, that Christ liveth in me. Christ liveth in me, Christ liveth in me; O what a salvation is this — that Christ liveth in me.” Selah! The number one thing that makes authentic Christianity unique as opposed to all religion is a living Savior. He is Someone that no religion has to offer.  Ron

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