Capture the Moment!

Why is it that we make resolutions and fail often to keep them? Why is that we think a lot about the “past?” We’d like to go back and change many things. We learn from the “past.” We have had experiences that we’d like to enjoy again. My point is that we can’t return to the past; we can’t go there! The ‘future” is only in our thoughts. We experience no future!” The split second that we get there, it  becomes the “present.” The only reality for us is “now!” The reason that we make so little progress, Spiritually, is that our thoughts dwell too much on the past or future. The only thing that we can do anything about is “now.” We live in the “right now.” This was the inspired example that Paul gave to the Philippian Church (and to us). In Philippians 3:14-15, he stated: “….forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark.” He could only reach forth and press toward in the present moment! He captured the moment! and so must we! Let’s prepare for the new year by starting right now to let God shape us each moment, each hour. The opening stanza of, “Joy in Serving Jesus,” by Oswald J. Smith explains how we capture the moment: “There is joy in serving Jesus, as I journey on my way, joy that fills the heart with praises, every hour and every day. There is joy, joy, joy in serving Jesus, joy that throbs within my heart; every moment, every hour as I draw upon His power, there is joy, joy, joy that never shall depart.” Selah! Redd Harper captured this moment in his song: “Each Step of the Way.” He put it this way: “I’m following Jesus one step at a time, I live for the moment in His love Divine; Why think of tomorrow? Just live for today, I’m following Jesus each step of the way.” This is the way to do today and in 2016 and on..!   Ron

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