What Do You Expect?

What do you plan to do to strengthen your walk with God? (I’m addressing those who have come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord). Do you have a plan? Do you realize that you need a plan? If we have been born again, growth will happen. However, it doesn’t happen by just pushing a button. You don’t grow physically that way and neither do you grow Spiritually that way. Do you usually walk away from the table when you are hungry? Are you hungry for Spiritual growth? Come to the table! Open, read, ponder, swallow and digest God’s Word. Do you plan to live in the dark without any sunshine? If you have Spiritual eyesight, spend time in the sunshine of fellowship with God’s people. Do you plan to work 24/7? If so, you won’t last long. You will suffer Spiritually, if you don’t get adequate Spiritual rest. Get alone with God in prayer! No exercise? Do you plan to be flabby and crippled? How about Spiritual exercise? Are you Spiritually strong or a weakling? How does one develop Spiritual muscle? We do it by becoming adept in resisting the enemy, recapturing ground that belongs to God and rescuing people from the enemy’s control. We are: “….strengthened  with might by His Spirit in the inner man.” (From Ephesians 3:16). If you have no plan, you plan to fail! Details of the plan are found in the Bible. If we expect to grow without our active use of the means of grace, we will pay the price in our lack of Spiritual health. We start by obeying II Peter 3:18: “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” In  “Prayer Responses,” by Jon Drevits, we find these timely thoughts: “What our lips profess may our lives express: this we pray in Jesus’ name As our hearts believe we with joy receive: for in Jesus’ name we pray. In the Savior’s name we the promise claim: that You hear and answer prayer. What our mouths confess may our faith possess: this we ask for Jesus’ sake.” Selah! Let’s develop a workable plan for Spiritual growth and health and then implement it in His strength. We can then expect God’s blessing!  Ron

Questions? E-Mail me at knowingtheway1@gmail.com 

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