Stress-Free Living

Do you remember Jesus’ gentle challenge to Martha? It is found in Luke 10:41: “Martha, Martha, thou art careful (full of cares) and troubled about many things.” Martha is one of multitudes of the redeemed who are not drawing on the peace that Jesus gives! Many Scriptures give reasons why we need not be distressed. Included among them are: Matthew 6:31-34; 11:28-31 and Philippians 4:6-7. These verses were not included to simply take up space! Yes, we have responsibilities and needs. However, we can and should draw upon His peace. That doesn’t mean that we do nothing and expect blessings to miraculously drop from the skies. We can begin by praying and seeking guidance. We can work, earn, plan, spend wisely, do self-examination (to see if we are harboring sin or violating Biblical principles), When we have done all we can, God is still in control! We can rest in that and relax, knowing that He is our loving Heavenly Father. He will not fail us!  Martha wanted Jesus to get Mary to help her. Jesus reminded her that Mary had chosen the best part. It was best for her to spend time with Him. Who do you suppose had the least stress? When God brings times of chastening and correcting to us, that kind of pressure is designed to bring us into harmony with Himself. When we are, our living becomes stress-free. “Sweet Peace, the Gift of God’s Love,” By P. P. Bilhorn wonderfully expresses the calm that can be experienced when we rest in His loving control: “When Jesus as Lord I had crowned, my heart with peace did abound; in Him the rich blessing I found, sweet peace, the gift of God’s love. Peace, peace, sweet peace! wonderful gift from above! O wonderful, wonderful peace! Sweet peace, the gift of God’s loveSelah! Those who walk in harmony with Him and trustingly look to Him, instead of focusing on the problems, can experience the promise of Isaiah 26:3: “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee.”       Ron

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