Have We Followed the Directions?

We buy something that we have to put together or build and, too many times, we fail to read the directions. Sometimes, we come to regret our failure to follow directions. This is bad enough when we are talking about some material possession that we messed up; it is much more consequential when we are talking about lives. Consider Paul’s inspired directions in Ephesians 6:4 regarding children: “….bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” Is there anything in these directions telling us that we should delegate part of that responsibility to the public schools? Could those teachers and administrators have any ability to do what Paul told fathers to do? Except for an occasional Christian teacher, the answer is obvious. In fact, the whole secular educational establishment is likely to teach the exact opposite of the admonition of the Lord. Tragically, too many Christian schools that used to be unabashedly committed to the fundamentals of the faith have defected to one degree or another. It is the responsibility of the home to keep children from these influences. Homeschooling or a very strong Christian school may be the only alternative to delivering our kids into “the den of the lions.” Could our current decline in spiritual and moral values be the result of people trusting their children to the Godless influences of men and women who hold a Godless worldview? In the hymn, “Shine Thou upon Us, Lord, ” John Ellerton wrote: “Shine Thou upon us, Lord, True Light of men today, and through the written Word Thy very Self display, that so, from hearts which burn with gazing on Thy face, Thy little ones may learn the wonders of Thy grace. Speak Thou for us, O Lord, in all we say of Thee: according to Thy Word, let all our teaching be, that so, Thy lambs may know their own True Shepherd’s voice, where’er He leads them go, and in His love rejoice.” Selah! We may salvage something that we damaged by not following directions; but may not be able to reverse the damage done to lives that God has entrusted to us. He expects us to follow His directions!   Ron 

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