How Much Space?

There is an old saying that people find time for what is most important to them. There are some exceptions to that rule. However, as a general rule, it is very true! I’ve observed and I’m sure most of you have also observed that people interested in sports find time to follow their favorite team. Those with a hobby often devote a good slice of time to enjoying their hobby. Those trying to get ahead devote much energy to pursuing their dreams and goals. O.K., but what about God? Just how important is He? If we have come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord, how much of our daily space is given over to cultivating that blessed relationship? We usually have to fit much into our days, but how can we excuse neglecting the One Who loved us more and has done more for us, at infinite cost, than anyone on earth has ever done or will do? How lame our feeble excuses will sound when we stand before Him! Do we give Him any space? Do we give Him a little space? Do we tuck Him in, if we can find a minute, and too many times fail to do even that? “Bottom line,” is He important to us at all? Look with me at Romans 12:11: “Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord.” We should give an honest day’s work to our job. We certainly should in some way(s) serve the Lord. The central phrase is: “fervent in spirit.” More than work, more than serving Him, we need to be fervent in being with Him, talking, listening, learning, enjoying, loving and doing what He tells us to do. Can we identify with Bernard of Clairvaux’s heart cry in his hymn, “Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts?” He wrote: “Jesus, Thou joy of loving hearts Thou Fount of life, Thou light of men, from the blest bliss that earth imparts, we turn unfilled to Thee again. Thy Truth unchanged hath ever stood, Thou savest those that on Thee call; to them that seek Thee, Thou art good, to them that find Thee, all in all. We taste Thee. O living Bread, and long to feast upon Thee still; we drink of Thee, the Fountain head, and thirst our souls from Thee to fill. Our restless spirits yearn for Thee, where’er our changeful lot is cast: glad when Thy gracious smile we see, blest when our faith can hold Thee fast.” Selah! He is far more important than anything that daily clamors for our attention. Let’s take time to truly interact with Him each day in an increasing and fervent devotion!   Ron  

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