Can We Sabotage Ourselves?

Can we who are born again sabotage ourselves? Using sabotage in the sense of damaging something, the answer is: yes, we can. Just as we can sabotage our health by consuming “junk food,” inadequate rest, lack of sunshine, fresh air, exercise, etc. we can damage our spiritual health by what we allow. Do we consume spiritual junk food? Is what we read, what we view, what we listen to “clean and wholesome?” If not, we are consuming spiritually — health damaging food! Paul instructed the Philippian Christians, in Chapter 4, Verse 8: “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true….honest….just…. pure….lovely….of good report; if there be any virtue….any praise, (is it praiseworthy?) think on these things.” These are the kinds of things which should fill our thinking! Are we getting physical and spiritual rest? What about exercise; are we “living out” our experience of Jesus? Do we lack “sunshine: (i.e.; beneficial Christian fellowship)? Fresh air? Is our physical and Spiritual environment healthy?  Spiritually, do we experience the wind of the Holy Spirit? Consumption of (internalizing) God’s Word, talking (prayer) with God, involving ourselves with brothers and sisters (the church) in Christ, witnessing (encouraging people to come to Christ), these are the things that guarantee Spiritual health! Eliza E. Hewitt, in her hymn, “Since the Fullness of His Love Came In, “describes a life that is Spiritually healthy: “Once my way was dark and dreary, for my heart was full of sin, but the sky is bright and cheery, since the fullness of His love came in. There is grace for all the lowly, grace to keep the trusting soul: power to cleanse and make me holy, Jesus shall my yielded life control. Let me spread abroad the story, other souls to Jesus win; for the cross is now my glory, since the fullness of His love came in. I can never tell how much I love Him, I can never tell His love for me; for it passeth human measure, like a deep, unfathomed sea; ‘Tis redeeming love in Christ my Savior, in my soul the heav’nly joys begin; and I live for Jesus only, since the fullness of His love came in.” Selah! Robust and vibrant Spiritual health can and should be ours. Let’s refuse the things that sabotage our spiritual health and pursue that which will cause Spiritual health to flourish!   Ron 

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One thought on “Can We Sabotage Ourselves?

  1. Thanks for the reminder of another great hymn with serious meaning – the kind that will help to keep us from sabotaging ourselves spiritually.

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