Dabbling in Salvation

The greatest miracle that can affect a human being is to be born again. He or she is forgiven of all sin(s), cleansed, given a new nature, made a child of God, resurrected from spiritual death, given God’s own life, enters into fellowship with God, is given a purpose and place to serve the Lord, and is guaranteed Heaven. Absolutely nothing on earth compares to this! How is it that one can be the object of God’s mercy, love and grace, and then let it degenerate into a religious practice? No wonder the writer of Hebrews 2:3 asked: “How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation..?” The primary thrust of this seems to be to unsaved people. Nevertheless, it certainly has application to those who have received such a gift. How can we escape severe regret if we don’t “go on”  to “the things that accompany salvation?” (See Hebrews 6:9). “Dabbling” in salvation is done by neglect of prayer, studying (devotionally) God’s Word, failing to worship, not entering whole-heartedly into a solid, local, Bible-believing church, neglecting to love Jesus, failing to share our faith, neglect of missions, failing to give heart-felt thanks, etc. Conversely, if we engage in letting God develop these things in our lives, we will be blessed with an increasingly soul-satisfying Spiritual fullness that is thrilling and joyous. Don’t play around the fringes of authentic Christianity, become intensely serious. (If you already have, you know what I’m talking about). God lovingly desires you to experience all the wonders available to those who are redeemed by the precious blood of Christ! If we are serious about our salvation. our experience of Jesus can be like that about which Mrs. C.H. Morris wrote in her hymn, “‘Tis Marvelous and Wonderful.” “From glory to glory He leads me on, from grace to grace ev’ry day; and brighter and brighter the glory dawns, while pressing my homeward way.” Selah! Do you know anything of this? You can! God wants you to have this. It’s available to God’s children when they make their walk with Him the top priority of their lives.   Ron

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