Level of Involvement

In local churches that believe the Bible, there is a lot of talk about Jesus. Testimonies are given. Hymns are sung. There is preaching and teaching. After taking all of that into account, how truly involved are we with Jesus? We are certainly involved with things about Jesus. However, how much are we involved with Him? If we listed all the activities of any given day, where would He come on our list? At the top? Somewhere in the middle? Way down? Not at all? Just how important is He to us? If thinking on this brings embarrassment, what steps are we prepared to take to give Him the priority He deserves? What would happen in the church if each member made Jesus the most important concern in their daily lives? Can we not rest until we have given Him the top place in all that we do? It will take time to change our routine. It will take determination and discipline. If we truly love Him, let’s begin to prove it! Luke 10:27 emphasizes the most important of all commandments; “….Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind.” Isn’t it time to sharply increase our level of involvement? Elizabeth Prentiss wrote, “More Love to Thee,” in which she gave us a prayer that we could make our own, if we honestly want to put Jesus first. Let’s think deeply on this prayer until it becomes our heart cry to Jesus, “More love to Thee, O Christ, more love to Thee!  Hear Thou the prayer I make on bended knee; this is my earnest plea: More love, O Christ to Thee! More love to thee, more love to Thee!” Selah! Love Jesus and exalt Him as more important to us than anyone or anything.  You won’t be sorry!    Ron

Questions? E-mail me at knowingtheway1@gmail.com 


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