Silent Sympathy

When someone is hurting, just being there for them may be all that’s needed. Words aren’t always necessary. Romans 12:15 calls for us to, “….Weep with them that weep.” Caring, loving sympathy often goes a long way. If words are needed, they seldom need to be many. Perhaps assurance is needed that God can be trusted. Even when we can’t understand why, He can be trusted! Genesis 18:25 asks, “….Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?” Even when it is hard to understand, God will be proven right. It may even have to wait for eternity. Sooner or later, we’ll understand and God will have done only that which is right. Consider Job: It looked awful. Who could understand what God allowed? Look at what God accomplished for Job and for multitudes since. We can pray. Proverbs 15:8 tells us that, “….the prayer of the upright is His delight.” When we offer silent sympathy, we can use that time to pray for the one who is hurting. We can’t hurt without God feeling our pain and/or sorrow. John W. Peterson wrote, “No one understands like Jesus, every woe He sees and feels; Tenderly He whispers comfort, and the broken heart He heals. No one understands like Jesus when the days are dark and grim; No one is so near, so dear as Jesus — cast your every care on Him.” (From the Hymn “No One Understands Like Jesus).” Selah! Never lose sight of this wonderful reality that eventually, for all who know Jesus as Lord and Savior, all pain, sorrow and suffering will be gone forever. As the songwriter put it, “all tears forever over in God’s eternal day.” From, “When We See Christ.”  (By Esther Kerr Rusthoi).    Ron

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One thought on “Silent Sympathy

  1. It is good to have you back. Things are very busy for me so haven’t taken the time to respond to all these. We have an open house coming up September 19. The house that is not yet occupied will be used for a “walk through”. Cliff McMullen and I have been trying to get the lawns looking good. There are very steep banks that have to be mowed – so it is a bit difficult to keep them mowed. I have 2 funerals coming up that I need to prepare for – Joan’s Mom and a lady in Andover who soon will slip away to be with the Lord.

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