Can’t Lick ’em-Join ’em!

Satan has used every clever ploy that he can to discourage people from getting into the Bible. Some have started to look into Scripture in spite of the enemy’s efforts. So, the devil’s motto might be, “if you can’t lick ’em; join ’em.” Why would he do that? In order to work from the inside. If he can’t keep them from the Bible, involve them with a bible that is weakened, corrupted and misleading. Leave enough of the “good stuff” intact so they will assume that these are better bibles. At the same time, give so many possible meanings in different versions as to create uncertainty about the real meaning. Encourage the use of scholars who may be sincere; are supposed to be reliable authorities, but who are not nearly as meticulous as the KJV translators. Weaken the next generation of translations a little more. Stay with that pattern until you have a version that wouldn’t nourish a spiritual baby. Remember, even in those who claim to be based on the received text, liberties have been taken. Get men in the pulpits to buy into these versions and use them because they are easier to understand. The KJV is not that hard (as far as language is concerned) to understand. Look at the amount of syllables in most of the KJV and then look at those in other versions. Why so much effort to undermine the KJV if it isn’t better than these modern versions? It’s because it is far superior that the enemy fears its effect on people. Do we want a dull “sword” or a sharp one? II Timothy 3:16 reads, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God (lit. is God-breathed), and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.” Would God so inspire the Bible and then preserve it for all those years and turn around and approve all kinds of tampering with its contents, drawing from muddied streams and then them telling us that what He has preserved isn’t up to date. I don’t think so! George H. Carr has given good testimony in his hymn, “The Old book and the Old faith.” He wrote, “‘Mid the storms of doubt and unbelief we fear, stands a Book eternal that the saints hold dear; thru the restless ages it remains the same — ’tis the Book of God, and the Bible is its name! The old Book and the old faith are the Rock on which I stand! The old Book and the old Faith are the bulwark of the land! Thru storm and stress they stand the test, in every clime and nation blest; the old Book and the old Faith are the hope of every land!” Selah! Suppose someone gave you really genuine looking “funny money,” would you want to give away your real money and use the false?   Ron

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