Revival-Part 3

If My people will.”  
      Humble themselves
       Seek My face and…
       turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven...”

Then, and probably only then, when the conditions are met by those who are truly born again, will God move in real revival. There will be blessed consequences! The first is that, “I will forgive their sin,.” No matter how many or how bad, there is full cleansing and forgiveness promised. The channel is unclogged and the Holy Spirit’s flow fills the cleansed vessel. Second, “and will heal their land.” This seems to imply that this healing of our land comes when many Christians get right with God. Nevertheless, God has often moved in the wake of one, or a few, who wholly yield to Him. Could you and/or I be the key? Only God knows! Let’s be available, prepared and yielded for His purposes. Mary E. Maxwell offers a prayer in, “Channels Only,” that would be fitting for us to pray from surrendered and honest hearts, “Jesus, fill now with Thy Spirit hearts that full surrender know, that the streams of living water from our inner man may flow. Channels only, blessed Master — but with all Thy wondrous power flowing through us, Thou canst use us every day and every hour.” Can I encourage you to go back to the first article of this series and read right through today’s article? Then, fervently seek God for revival! Selah! Could America’s only hope of escaping judgment hinge on God’s people meeting these conditions? That appears to be the case from this verse.  Ron 

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