Could It Be?

Have we, in Gospel preaching churches, unwittingly created an illusion in people’s minds? And have we, as a result of this, undermined the need to “get down to business” with God? Should we be promoting the possibility of a “deeper life” for Christians? Shouldn’t we be calling for a “normal” Christian life? Could it be that some, thinking in terms of a “deeper life,” would think that they might not be able to go that deep and would consequently settle for a “below standard” walk with God? Could it be that we need to encourage believers to aim for a normal Christian life and get beyond sub-standard experience? We speak today of the average Christians’ lives. If we think that way, what will take us from “average” to “serious?” Isn’t “average” below standard? Is our problem that we are downplaying the serious demands of the Christian life in order to encourage unsaved people to come to Christ? Should we risk losing some converts because they might think it’s too hard to be a Christian? Jesus lost some that we might think of as potential converts. If no demands, would they have had a genuine conversion? Could it be that our churches are spiritually weak because populated by some who have had only an experience that we assume is real, when actually they have made no real commitment? Food for thought! Jesus, in Matthew 10:38, spoke in no uncertain terms, “And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after Me, is not worthy of Me.” Of course, we need time to grow and God gives us time. Nevertheless, when one is receiving salvation, he or she needs to know that this is a complete surrender of self to God.  In the hymn, “All for Jesus,” Mary D. James describes what should be normal in the lives of the truly converted. She put it this way, “All for Jesus, all for Jesus! All my being’s ransomed pow’rs: all my tho’ts and words and doings, all my days and all my hours.” Selah! If those coming to Christ were willing to embrace that kind of commitment, we might once again feel the power of the Holy Spirit impacting our world today, as it did in the formative years of the church!   Ron

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One thought on “Could It Be?

  1. Surrender, Commitment and dedication are sadly lacking in many churches as we live in our “world of ease and pleasure”. Oh, that we as Christians would get more serious about drawing closer to our Blessed Lord!

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