Budgeting Our Thoughts

Think of the mind as a giant computer. There are thoughts that we use every day; some occasionally; some often. There is a vast amount of knowledge, information and wisdom in the memory. (Sometimes our memories do not work as well as the computers’ memories). Our minds can only process a limited amount of input each day. That is a problem! Let’s think of our minds as having a fixed amount of space available. We obviously, in most cases, use up a fair amount of space for work. Some more space goes to family and household responsibilities. Some space goes to eating. Some goes to interruptions and distractions. Space goes to relaxation and entertainment. Some space goes to learning. Perhaps some goes to humor and fun. The “kicker” is this: how much space is left to interact with God? If we were talking about money and not having enough to go around, we would be wise to see what expenses that we could cut. Some things that we want would have to give way to what we really need. There are some things that we waste money on that we would have to deny ourselves that pleasure. If we don’t have a reasonable amount of quality time allotted to cultivating our relationship with Him, we are not going anywhere, Spiritually. We must budget our thoughts to include a block of time for Him. The only way I know to make this happen is to not try to work time with Him into our schedule but build our schedules around time with Him. This will take discipline; this is basic to being a disciple! God, in Jeremiah 29:13 reminds us, “And ye shall seek Me, and find Me, when ye shall search for Me with all your heart.” Cecil Frances Alexander’s hymn, “Jesus Calls Us,” speaks of proper priorities in these words, “In our joys and in our sorrows, days of toil and hours of ease, still He calls, in cares and pleasures, “Christian, love Me more than these.” Jesus calls us — by Thy mercies, Savior, may we hear Thy call, give our hearts to Thy obedience, serve and love Thee best of all!” Selah! Compared to all that we consider important, how much importance do we assign to our time with God?   Ron

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