Only Available Today!

You won’t find it in the past; you can’t borrow it from the future; it’s only available today! Brooding over the past breeds anxiety. All the sins and mistakes of the past bring stress (anxiety) into our minds. We wish that we had not done some things and that we had done others. Or, we wish we could go back and relive some of the good things. Thinking about tomorrow brings worry and fears. “What ifs” or “what can I do about this or that” trouble us. How can we escape a troubled heart? We can escape by receiving what is only available today. Today’s supply of this needed help was bought and paid for many years ago. The help that we need is an untroubled heart. When we are at peace with God, we can draw upon the supply of the peace of God which is only available today. The past, for those who are His, is under the blood. The future is in His hands and will be dispensed as “todays.” How can we appropriate this peace for today? By living in the moment! By knowing that He is in control; that He will see us through. His very own peace enters our hearts when we draw on His help; when we walk in His will; when we are not in conflict with Biblical commands and principles. No matter what the circumstances of our lives may be, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee” (Isaiah 26:3). “I never walk alone, I have the Savior, Who walks beside me everywhere I go; my heart rejoices in His loving favor, and all who will His saving grace may know. I never walk alone, in stormy weather, when winds of trouble sweep about my head; I know I’m safe, because we are together, and ’round me His protecting love is spread. I never walk alone, Christ walks beside me, He is the dearest Friend I’ve ever known, with such a Friend to comfort and to guide me, I never, no, I never walk alone.” (From “I Never Walk Alone” by Alfred H. Ackley). Selah! His Presence doesn’t necessarily exempt us from problems. It does give us the strength, courage and support to endure in the furnace and emerge unscathed.  Ron 

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