What is a “Spiritual Sermon?”

I’m sure it is no surprise that not all sermons are Spiritual! A sermon that is not used by the Holy Spirit is not Spiritual. If He doesn’t activate the message, it is no more than a lecture. If the heart of the preacher is not prepared, God may not use the message. (Sometimes, He may bless His Word preached, regardless of the preacher’s shortcomings). When, however, the Scriptures are proclaimed in the power of the Holy Spirit, there will be impact. This is only the first part of the equation that constitutes a Spiritual sermon. The preacher has done his part; what about the listener? He or she can block a Spiritually effective sermon. While it is really impacting someone else, they have put a barrier up (or failed to take one down) and this has insulated them from being helped by the sermon. What is a listener to do to make sure God’s Word is at work in them? The first thing to be done is to become a disciplined listener, thinking thoroughly on what is being said. Listeners are to be intensely attentive to the voice of God speaking to their hearts. The second thing is what they do with what they hear. Ken Ramey, in his book, “Expository Listening,” quotes Joel Beeke, “A sermon is not over when the minister says ‘Amen. Rather that is when the true sermon begins. In an old Scottish story, a wife asked her husband if the sermon was done. “No,’ he replied. ‘it has been said, but it has yet to be done.'” Jesus speaks of good ground as necessary for His Word to be effective, “But he that received seed into the good ground is he that heareth the Word, and understandeth it; which also beareth fruit.” (From Matthew 13:23). In, “More About Jesus,” a hymn by Eliza E. Hewitt, she captures the right way of listening, “More about Jesus in His Word, holding communion with my Lord; Hearing His voice in every line, making each faithful saying mine.” Selah! To quote again from “Expository Listening,” “The Old testament word for “hear” is sama. This is the same Hebrew word used for “obey.” There is no separate word for “obey” in the Old Testament.” Think that through!   Ron

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