A “Service” or An Experience?

The very way that we are constituted ends up making us bored many times. We experience something and the first 2-3 times that it happens it may be interesting, exciting, scary, etc. However, when that experience becomes a habit; a routine and we do it over and over, we may become bored or just go through it mechanically. The thrill, or fascination, or fear, or discovery fades and we give what stimulated us very little thought. For the Christian to allow this to happen in his or her life is “beyond tragic.” One such experience, among many, is the communion service. When we first shared in a communion service, it was very interesting. The more we came to understand its significance, the more meaningful and thrilling it became. Nevertheless, done habitually countless times, its richness has ended up on “the back burner” of our cluttered lives; all its glory and splendor lost in the feverish activities that claim our attention. For the joy and wonder to be restored, it will require discipline, thought and prayer. It will involve studying what God has to say to us in His Word and obeying and applying what He tells us. This is revival! A rich, vibrant, Spirit prompted and directed life will know the return of the departed glory. John, in a few inspired words recorded in Revelation 2:4-5, quotes Jesus’ Words, “Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love. Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works….” Remember, repent and return! When we do, the joy is restored and we can experience afresh the wonder and the Presence. We need to go back to Calvary; then visit the empty tomb and enjoy wonderful fellowship with the One who loved us and Whom we love. Haldor Lillenas’ hymn, “The Garden of My Heart” gives voice to the blessing of His Presence. “There’s a sacred and hallowed retreat, where my soul finds a fellowship sweet, where the Lord of my life I may meet, in the garden of my heart. In the cool of the day, He walks with me; in the rose-bordered way He talks with me; in love’s holy union and sacred communion, in the garden of my heart.” Selah! Don’t accept less than your life being richly blessed by, and being lived with, the awareness of His glorious Presence!   Ron

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