The Blessing and Basis of Boldness

Yesterday, we thought on the fact that we need not have a cowardly, cringing, or disabling fear. Today, let’s look at “the other side of the coin.” Instead of the wrong kind of fear, God has given His own a spirit of boldness, an ability to meet life’s challenges. II Timothy 1:7 adds that in place of fear, we have been given “power.” This power is a Divine enabling; an imparted strength and courage. This power is not a natural power. It is supernatural! Paul wrote of it in Ephesians 6:10, “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might.” This raises a question. How can we exercise this power? The answer is by trusting the Word of God, believing what it says and acting or responding on the basis of its authority and absolute accuracy. There is an inherent authority and Spiritual power in God’s Word. The Holy Spirit energizes the message contained in the text, illuminates understanding and brings God’s Truth to bear on us, others and the situation. It has, “Thus saith the LORD” behind its message. We can share it with confidence, even when we don’t see visible results, because God has promised it will accomplish what He intends for it to accomplish. Haldor Lillenas wrote the hymn, “Standing on the Word.” In it, he assures us, “Faith is resting on the promise strong and sure; hope is anchored safe and cannot falter; peace has found a haven from the storms secure in the Word of God which cannot alter.” Selah! The only perfect, flawless guarantee of anything being absolutely reliable applies only to the Truth of God, given us in His Word!  Ron

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