Is the Fire Going?

Is not My Word like as a fire? saith the Lord; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?” True, but has the fire gone out or maybe even not been ignited? Of course, this line of thought applies only to those who are truly saved. The unsaved person doesn’t have the Divine Fire within himself. What do I mean? Let me try to explain. Someone reads a book, teaching him how to drive. It has good reliable facts; all true. He or she gets all this information down “pat.” Very important. But suppose they never get in a car. Is this like too many Christians? They have the Truth down “pat.” However, it’s not being used. When one actually drives a car, they have an experience that goes beyond their understanding of how to do it. How is it then, that there seems to be little actual excitement in our daily walk with the Lord? For example, we who are born again live in the inner Presence of God in our lives 24/7. Has that reality struck us? How does it strike us to have the Almighty Creator loving, caring, guiding, teaching, working in and through us, around the clock for all of our lives? (By the way, this is only one example of wonders that are ours that we haven’t really grasped). We are personally involved with God! God is in an interpersonal relationship with us!! That’s God that we are talking about! If that doesn’t ignite us, something’s wrong! There’s a hymn, the source and name of which I’m unaware. it goes like this, “Step by step, I’ll follow Jesus. Hour by hour, I’m in His care. Day by day, He walks beside me. Through the years, I know He’s there. He can still the mighty tempest, He can calm the troubled sea. He the waters trod; He’s the Son of God! He’s the One who always walks with me!” Selah! If your heart is not filled with the wonder of being His, take the time to internalize in your life what He has shown you in His Word.   Ron

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