What’s A Church Member to Be?-3

There are three ways to be a church member. 1). Be a member of a local church. It is possible to be a member of a local Bible-believing church and not be a member of Christ’s church. 2). Be a member of Christ’s church. As a member, join with other Christians in a local church that believes and applies the Bible. 3). Be a member of a false church. There are many false choices to pick from. How do we get it right? First, and foremost, is to have a genuine relationship with Jesus as Lord and Savior. When this has been experienced, we can be used as part of His body, the church. When we are born again, we are to function within a Bible-believing church along with all other members of His body. Our purpose is to love and serve, honor and obey, care for one another and build one another up, pray for and help each other, etc. Now, here’s the unique part; the body is the bride! The bride loves her bridegroom, admires and respects him, wants to please him, enjoys being with and listening to him, talks him up with others, wants them to like him and appreciate him, wishes others could have a wonderful man like she has. In the same way, we are to be “taken” with the Lord Jesus Christ. In Luke 10:27, Luke was inspired to write, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind.” In the chorus, “I Love Him Better Every Day,” we hear it expressed in these words, “I love Him better every day, I love Him better every day.  Close by His side, I will abide. I love Him better every day.” (Author unknown). Simple, but well put! Selah! With a Bridegroom like ours, how could we not learn to love Him with all our ransomed powers?  Ron

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