Understanding Life

It is impossible to understand “the broad picture” of the meaning and purpose of life, apart from the Bible. In fact, life makes no sense, simply from a human perspective. If the grave is the ending of it, there’s no point in existing. What temporary enjoyment we experience is confined to a limited life span. This kind of flawed thinking has motivated a number of suicides. The popular views of evolution offer no encouragement either. If we have evolved, only as a higher type of animal, our lives are little better than the lower animals. If we might evolve to something better, we won’t be here that long. In fact, human behavior seems to be deteriorating. There is no rational explanation for all the complexity of a brief existence on a planet that is just one, amongst who knows how many. Only God and His Word provide a valid explanation of all that life is about. No one else can really explain where we came from, why we are here, why we are like we are and where is our ultimate destination. Man’s reasoning is a dead end. God gives understanding of time, life and eternity. ” For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of His mouth cometh knowledge and understanding” (Proverbs 2:6). In the hymn, “Holy Bible, Book Divine‘ John Burton furnishes us with a good overview of God’s Revealed Word. He wrote, “Holy Bible, Book divine, precious treasure, thou art mine; mine to tell me whence I came; mine to teach me what I am; mine to chide me when I rove, mine to show a Savior’s love; mine thou art to guide and guard; mine to punish or reward; mine to comfort in distress, suffering in this wilderness; mine to show, by living faith, man can triumph over death; mine to tell of joys to come, and the rebel sinner’s doom; O thou holy Book divine, precious treasure, thou art mine.”  Selah! Why do we think that spiritually blind and dead people can give us any adequate explanation of the reason and purpose of life on earth? Let’s listen to the only One Who knows!  Ron

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