“Dedication:” A very interesting word, indeed! Have you ever really thought about what it means? I suspect we have a general idea of its meaning but fail to catch important parts of the definition. For example, combining dedication and devotion (they are closely related), Webster includes love, loyalty, worship and being devoted. Devotion can be to a person, a cause, an employer, a career, etc. If we know Him as Savior and Lord, are we profoundly (intensely) devoted; dedicated to Him? Think on this! How much does He really mean to us?  Do we give Him more dedication than we do to our 8:00 – 5:00 job? In fact, how seriously do we take our relationship with Him? I wonder if even ten percent of professing Christians are deeply dedicated? It might be much lower. The spread of early Christianity began with 12 men. These 12 influenced others of whom it was said in Acts 17:6, “These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also.” Would the typical Christian of today have a similar impact? I’m not trying to pin a guilt trip on my readers. I am offering a challenge to any, including myself, who will determine to be dedicated to Him as the object of our deepest devotion and use the rest of our lives to live for His glory.  Norman Clayton gives voice to what should be our prayer and purpose, in his gospel song “Every Moment of Every Day.” “Only to be what He wants me to be every moment of every day; yielded completely to Jesus alone every step of this pilgrim’s way. Just to be clay in the Potter’s hands, ready to do what His will commands. Only to be what He wants me to be every moment of every day.”  Selah! Paul understood and serves as a challenge for us. He said it and lived it and so should we! “For to me to live is Christ….” (From Philippians 1:21).   Ron

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