Unauthorized Power?

God was asleep and while He slumbered, some people rose to power and He didn’t know it! Impossible! However, we act like this is what happened, when we see rulers using their power for evil and/or we don’t like these rulers. Have we forgotten the horror which befell Nebuchadnezzar, “til he knew that the Most High God ruled over the kingdom of men, and that He appointeth over it whomsoever He will.” (From Daniel 5:21). Or have we forgotten Paul’s words to the Church at Rome, in Romans 13:1? “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. for there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God! What about Titus’ inspired charge in Titus 3:1-2? “put them in mind to be subject to principalities and powers, to obey magistrates, to be ready to every good work, to speak evil of no man.” This respect and obedience is required toward the office, if not the occupant of that office. Obedience is required, unless to do so would violate God-given principles. Did you notice that Paul added “to speak evil of no man?” This brought me up short, because I am bothered by the current occupant of the White House. I have spoken disrespectfully of him. I’ve noticed that other Christians have as well. Some Christian and conservative organizations have also done this. Certainly we can disagree, point out where a leader is wrong, use our voting power to remove an evil ruler, pray for God to grant us wholesome leaders, etc. Nevertheless, perhaps you would like to join me in a fresh resolve to speak evil of no man, especially one whom God has allowed in office. “This Is My Father’s World,” a hymn by Maltbie D. Babcock prays, “O let me ne’er forget that though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet. This is my Father’s world: Why should my heart be sad? The Lord is King: let the heavens ring! God reigns: let earth be glad!” Selah! It has often been said that we get the rulers that we deserve. Believing and faithful prayer for revival and Spiritual awakening may bring a welcome change in our being given the wrong kind of leaders.   Ron

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