A Place of Sacred Safety

We are surrounded by many dangers, snares, pitfalls, lies and lures. The pull of this old world system is strong. Even after a person is born again, the roots of the old “Adam life” resist removal. If we rely on our own ability to keep from “caving in” to the appealing temptations of the “….pleasures of sin for a season.” (From Hebrews 11:25), we will fail. There is, however, a place of Sacred safety. The tragedy is that far too many, far too often, fail to go there. Caught up in “the daily grind” many move restlessly on and are weak and easy prey for the one who seeks to devour them. There is a place where we can be safe from attack. Avis B. Christiansen spoke of this as a “Precious Hiding Place.” Her hymn speaks of this place, “Precious hiding place, precious hiding place, in the shelter of His love; not a doubt or fear while my Lord is near, and I’m sheltered in His love.” The Psalmist also reminds us of this place of protection and intimacy with God. “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” (Psalm 91:1). Time spent with God, listening to His Word, obeying Him and talking with Him, strengthens us and enables us to overcome the powerful pull of the old life. Selah! Disconnected from the Source of strength and stability, our spiritual batteries run down. Stay connected and His power will be constant!  Ron

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