The Tide of Battle

We were born with strong desires for what we want. The basic role of “good”  was to enable us to avoid trouble and to keep us from bad consequences. We would give in to “good” only when it suited us to do so. Our basic drive was to live as we pleased. All of this was due to our state of Spiritual death. This was our basic human nature inherited from Adam. When there is a clash between right and wrong, usually “wrong” wins out. Our human nature prevails! When one is born again, a brand new nature (God’s very own nature) is imparted to him or her. This is the beginning of a life-long battle, with our new nature locked in mortal combat with our old nature. Paul lamented this condition in Romans 7:19. He wrote, “For the good that I would do I do not; but the evil which I would not, that I do.” This is not to be a permanent condition! When we are first saved the old is very strong, having been nourished and catered to for as many years as we were without Christ. We died to the old way, judicially, when we received Jesus as Savior and Lord. Now, in actual experience, the “old” is to be overcome. The battle rages but the tide is turning against the “old” and is flowing toward the “new.” At times, there will be a surge by the “old” trying to pull us back. However, when we feed the “new” with the life changing power of God’s Word, it has the strength to overcome that backward pull of the “old.” Little by little, the old is weakened and the pull is reduced. Holiness begins to win out. If we have been truly converted, we will move further and further away from the “old.” Even with setbacks, we’ll experience more and more of the “new.” If we haven’t been truly converted, the “old” will win out. An ongoing life of sin is not possible for one who really is saved. Paul asked, “….How shall we that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?” (From Romans 6:2). Selah! The foolish and dangerous teaching that a saved person might somehow go on living a life of sin is foreign to Scripture! God saves us from sin’s penalty and He will not stand for His child to lose out to sin’s power!  Ron

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