Has the World Given Up on You?

If you are born again, do you feel the “pull” of this world’s ways, values and behavior? Is it like some kind of spiritual magnet that is trying to draw you back to your pre-conversion days? When Israel was in the wilderness, they felt the “pull” back to Egypt; back to slavery. Do we feel the “pull” back to our “Egypt” (this world system)? A major indication of true Spiritual maturity is when this world and its ways have no attraction or appeal to us at all. However, there is another matter to consider. Once we have been genuinely converted, old friends, business associates, classmates, sales people, teachers, etc. try to calm us down, caution us to not be radical, try to justify to us, many sinful things. Are you and I so grounded that their efforts to get us to compromise are as useless as someone trying to walk to Mars? In short, have they dismissed you as hopeless? Have they given up on you altogether? Rejoice! This shows that you are “grounded” and can’t be swayed. It also shows those who try to entice you back to their ways that you have found something infinitely better than what they wallow in all through their lives. It may even motivate them to listen to the Gospel. Paul speaks of the separating power of the Cross in Galatians 6: 14, “But God forbid that I should glory, save in the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by Whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world.” Selah! If we are walking with the Lord on the Kings’ Highway, the mud, dirt and ruts of the old world are of no interest to us anymore!  Ron

Questions? E-Mail me at knowingtheway1@gmail.com 


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