“Presence,” Priority, Passion and Purpose

How is it that we often fail to see indications of Spiritual maturity in those who claim salvation? Think, for a moment, of a raw recruit in the army. Then think of him as a distinguished officer. What happened in between? He was trained, disciplined, obedient to authority, tried in combat and then became a leader of others. How is it that a person will go through all this in military service but a Christian puts less time and effort into his or her becoming a “seasoned,” Spiritual warrior? There seems to be a mindset among many Christians in our day that regards their walk with God as something you try to do, as you are able. Their walk seems to be on a “as I have time” basis. Not making our walk a priority will result in an immature believer who will not experience the wonder of a close relationship with Jesus. First, there has to be God’s Presence in our life. We cannot grow until He is our Savior and Lord! Then, the things of God must be a number one priority in our lives. Next, we must let God ignite passion in our lives by the application of His Word. Time spent in Scripture each day, with an open heart and mind, accompanied with prayer and any aids that will help us, will give us a passion for Spiritual development. Finally, to see all this happen will require purpose. Discipline, devotion and determination are an indispensable combination in our walk with God. Nothing less will do! Luke was inspired to record, in Luke 10:27, “….Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind.” Selah! “Presence,” Priority, Passion and Purpose: Will we rise to the challenge?  Ron

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