A Book on Discipleship

Whom are we trying to kid? Ourselves, mostly, if we are not becoming disciplined. Yesterday, we pointed out that a genuine Christian will be a disciple and will be becoming disciplined. As also mentioned, one cannot be a Biblical disciple unless he or she has had a true Spiritual conversion. Once we have experienced that kind of conversion, discipleship is not optional. All right, assuming that we have been born again, what is to guide us and by what are we to be disciplined? Before I try to answer that question, a Christian must, with God’s help, exercise his or her will to settle for nothing less than a cast-iron determination to become disciplined. We will not let excuses or negative emotions stop us from an unrelenting development of discipline. Discipline in what ways? The military has training, instructors, movies, manuals and even a book of military discipline. We have a Book unlike any other book. It is a Book of instructions, commands, principles, guidance, explanations and even encouragement. It contains nothing untrue, it is the only Book in which nothing that we need, as Jesus’ disciples, is left out. It is also unlike any other book in that it is not just printed information. It is supernaturally used by the Holy Spirit. He makes all content come alive, Spiritually, with the very breath and voice of God. When we are Spiritually alive, the Life in us and in the Book connect, accomplishing Spiritual results in our lives. Paul, in II Timothy 3:16-17, was inspired to tell Timothy (and us) that, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness; that the man of God may be perfect (mature), throughly furnished (fully equipped) unto all good works.” You probably know this Book by the name on the cover: “The Holy Bible.” Selah! We would be in serious trouble without food and water for any length of time; we will be in far more serious trouble without the milk, meat and water of God’s Word regularly.  Ron

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