Long Range Perspective

When it comes to the matter of God’s working in the world and in our lives, many of us have a very narrow, very limited perspective. Americans, especially, want things to happen now! God, meet my needs now. God, answer my prayer now. Jesus, come now or at least in my lifetime. God’s “delays” are always with a purpose of which we may be completely unaware. We hurt emotionally (and sometimes spiritually) when we don’t see instant responses to our prayers. That hurt could come under the heading of “tribulations” as the word is used in Romans 5:3-5, “….we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience (relaxing, in trust of God’s timing) and patience, experience (by experience, we come to understand that His timing and His “No’s” are always right); and experience, hope (anticipated certainty that the timing and answer will be right): and hope maketh not ashamed (or we will not be disappointed).” With this confidence in His love and wisdom, we look back much later and say, “I’m so thankful that He didn’t answer my prayers the way that I thought I wanted Him to answer.” (Yes, with regard to some delays, we may not understand until we arrive Home). We have a very tight perspective because we are time-conscious beings; God, in contrast, knows the end from the beginning and is not confined by our sense of time. He will not be one second early or late; but right on perfect time. Selah! If God always did exactly what we thought that we wanted, He would be our servant, not our Master! As our Master, He reminds us in Psalm 84:11, “….No good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly.”

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