Complexity and Simplicity of Revival-1

Revival is possible in our lives. It can be corporate revival. However, if we never see corporate revival, we can always experience personal revival. There is a very important fact of which we need to be aware. Revival is only for Christians. God will not revive anyone who has not been vivified (received His Life). For those who are truly saved and who have grown cold and passive, God offers revival. It is here that we begin to understand the complexity. James explains, “Draw nigh (near) to God.” (From James 4:8). How is one who has been genuinely converted and has grown cold and passive be revived? First, he or she must recognize and admit that they have sinned and have neglected God. They need to repent and receive the promised forgiveness (I John 1:9). They need to reorder their priorities. Until God is the number one priority in our lives, revival will not come. Countless (professing?) Christians know little of putting God first. There are many excuses offered as to why we can’t give more time to God; these excuses don’t hold water! Until He has first place, revival will not happen! If we are saved to begin with, the next part of being revived is to come to loathe sin and develop an appetite for holiness of life. The writer of Hebrews admonishes, “….Follow (pursue)…. holiness without which no man shall see the Lord.” (From Hebrews 12:14). If we love the world system (its values, lifestyles, attitudes and thinking), we don’t really love God. If we have been born again, we are called out of that system. Too many, today, treat Christianity as an interesting and nice part time activity. It’s time to get serious with God! Selah! Dr. Stephen Olford pointed out that “revival is not an ‘it,’ it is Jesus!” The experience of revival is not an end in itself. Revival is Jesus graciously ruling and reigning in our lives. Does He?  

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