An Ingrown Church?

What is an ingrown church? Are they common? Are we in a church that has become ingrown? I see an ingrown church as one that has little real concern for things about which our Lord is concerned. For example: Do we really have more than an intellectual concern for the lost? When Jesus said, “Go,” are we sitting week by week with little thought about the lost? Do we grieve over those who must spend forever in hell? Do we grieve enough to show them a way of escape? Are we fascinated with Jesus and increasing in our love for Him? Do we have a testimony to share of someone saved, some victory over a besetting sin, some thrilling new Truth that we’ve discovered in God’s Word, a wonderful answer to prayer? Do we sing the hymns, simply enjoying the music and the familiarity, or do the lyrics give voice to our hearts’ experience? If a passive routine characterizes your church, it may be ingrown. Spiritual vitality seems to be in short supply in many churches. We have replaced basics with programs, plans, entertainment and lots of activity. We are at ease in Zion! Lethargy and habit has lulled us into a comfortable routine that leaves us but a dull reflection of New testament Christianity. In our dreamlike state, we sense a need to get going. However, we slumber on. “Wherefore He saith, ‘Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from (out from among) the dead, and Christ shall give thee light‘” (Ephesians 5:14). If only one Christian will really see the problem and get serious about the things of God, perhaps it will be contagious. It might even spark revival! A church turned in upon itself will be too engrossed in its own concerns to consider Christ’s concerns. Selah! Our involvement with the local church is to prepare and equip us to go out to show people what Christ can do for them by letting them see what He’s done for us!  Ron

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One thought on “An Ingrown Church?

  1. From a personal evaluation – I realize how far short I fall – in compassion and zeal for the lost. May God minister through me as He sees fit.

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