The Healing of Financial Illness

The first step in dealing with financial illness is to understand what caused it. For the born again child of God, there is the danger of thinking that our money is ours. It is not! Our emotions and our fallen reasoning leads us to believe that since we earned it, it is ours. We fail to take into account that it is God Who gives understanding, energy, breath and ability to earn, not to mention employment. It is God’s money and we are entrusted with the handling of it. If we use it on ourselves for things that He does not want us to have or do, we have stolen that money from Him. We are authorized to use some wisely and in harmony with His guidelines in Scripture for legitimate personal enjoyment and needs; not necessarily for our “wants.” Failure to tithe willingly is indicative of a lack of love for God. It shows a lack of gratitude and reveals greed, selfishness and our distrust of God. What we spend God’s money for may be to satisfy our covetousness. When we give, is it duty or an act of worship? Our spending of money that we haven’t been allowed to earn yet involves our going into debt. This is a clear violation of God’s command in Romans 13:8. He inspired Paul to state, “Owe no man anything….” I’m told that if we tried to say in English the way that it was given in the original language, it would read like this: Owe no man anything, nothing, no, not anything at all. We think that God couldn’t possibly mean that we shouldn’t use credit or loans. There are Biblical reasons why He means exactly that.  In Luke 16:11, Jesus asks, “If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon (riches), who will commit to your trust the true riches?” Selah! Following the guidelines from God’s Word will bring healing financially. The healing may come slowly and it may not be without some pain. However cures are often like that. Thank God that there is a cure. If you have this illness, take your medicine.  Ron

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