I’ll Fix Him!

He/she will pay for what they did to hurt me! I despise him/her! I hate him/her! I’ll let people know that he/she is no good! I could kill that person! They’ll wish they never did me wrong before I get through with them! Have you ever felt this way toward someone who has done you wrong? If you were advised to forgive them, your reaction might be, “Forgive them, after what they did? Never!!” In many cases these reactions are understandable. Some would say about the one who was wronged, “I don’t blame them. I’d feel the same way, if it were me that they did that to.” Most of us have enemies. Even God has enemies! They range from those who simply “snub” (ignore) Him to those who resist and insult Him. They breathe His air and eat His food and enjoy His many blessings but immerse themselves in attitudes that are sinful and in behavior that is highly offensive to Him. They will do what they want, no matter what He asks. They deserve His wrath. He would be completely justified to wipe them out. What if He did? They who have wronged Him are us! 

Selah! Forgive him/her? Why should I ever do such a thing? Because God did! “But God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners (enemies; see Verse 10), Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8). Ron

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