Using A Bible Filter

Let me begin by saying that Christians too often fall into the trap of acting on feelings, or because someone or something that they basically trust provided faulty information. Perhaps the source of their information fell into the same trap. We use filters on TV and the internet to keep “kids” from receiving harmful content. We do this because these children are apt to believe or act on bad content. God’s children need a filter with which to check all incoming content to their minds and hearts. We have such a filter. It’s known as the Bible. Knowing God’s Word; understanding His standards, commands and principles will enable us to filter out spiritual contamination, leaving the pure milk and meat of the Word. Having pointed this out, we need to be sure that our filter is in good working order. We do this by constantly studying, meditating on and applying God’s Truth. Obviously, an occasional glance or merely skimming Scripture will render our filter inadequate. We need to cultivate intense absorption of what God has revealed to us. “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good” (I Thessalonians 5:21). Selah! Bad information and sinful thoughts corrupt our minds. Use the filter!  Ron

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