Shortchanging Ourselves

For a born again Christian to spiritually shortchange himself or herself is a very costly mistake! How would we do that? Before I suggest reasons why we cheat ourselves, let me ask a question. What would the apostle Paul, if he were here on earth today, have to say about average Joe Christian? If our experience of Jesus consists of attending and helping at church, giving some of our time and money, participating in some events at church and listening to the music and the preacher, we have indeed shortchanged ourselves. While all of these are good when done right, have we missed what is vital above all else? What of the wonder of our Creator, His amazing love and grace, His holiness and greatness, His involvement with us? If we are truly saved, we have fellowship, friendship and relationship with our God. We have His guidance and protection. We have His sanctifying work in our lives. We have His provision. We have His Presence. We have His promises. We have His power and His peace. We have a guarantee for a perfect eternal future with Him. He uses us to touch other lives. How can we not be excited, rejoicing, thrilled with and grateful to Him? How can we be less than intense about our experience of Him? The only way to be sure that we are not shortchanging ourselves is to dedicate ourselves to interacting with Him in the Word and prayer. He has given us a complete guide for life and worship. As we study, worshipfully and thoroughly and put into action what He tells us to do, we will be ignited and not be shortchanged. Selah! Isn’t it time to take God seriously?   Ron


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