Why Do We Let Ourselves Be Manipulated?

A dishonest salesman brags about the people that he convinced to give in to his spiel. “I sold them junk and persuaded them to think that they had made a wise choice.” How can we allow ourselves to be swindled like that? “It sounds so good.” “I got a real deal.” “My friends got one and they are not stupid.” “I can hardly wait to show this off!” “It is so much fun.” “It gives me such pleasure.” Did we critically consider the possible purchase? Did we think on the consequences of a corrupt lifestyle?  Did we seek reliable counsel from others who are wise? Did we check the integrity of the salesman? Can the manufacturer be trusted? Is there a better way? Is there a better product? Can I honestly afford it? Is it overpriced? My point is that we are swayed by our “feelings” and bypass critical thinking. This is bad enough in the material realm; it is fatal in the Spiritual realm! That wily con-artist making “slick” use of our emotions lures us into a life of self-gratification, tranquilizes us with euphoric “feelings,” while we are led to certain regret. This is a shame for anyone. It is much more a shame for a born again Christian to be conned by the evil one. All the help that we need to escape the enemy’s devices is found in Scripture. Why will we buy the devil’s “bargains,” when God offers the genuine product; a life lived to the glory of God. That brings great rewards now and in the life to come. Selah! II Corinthians 2:11 points out that we need not be, “….ignorant of his (Satan’s) devices.” By constantly studying and applying Scripture we are aware of dangers and can avoid them, lest Satan should get an advantage of us.” Let’s not give him an inch of ground.   Ron


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