An Educational Lions’ Den

I’m convinced that the majority of Christian parents do not have a clue about the conditions in most schools today. We know the Bible and prayer have been removed. We assume that our kids have the background to handle that and whatever else educators throw at them. That’s a dangerous assumption! The peer pressure is strong. The educational content is provided by people with an agenda to instill humanistic thinking in our young people. Evolution is assumed (including billions of years); the Bible is seldom given a hearing. Even good teachers are limited in their ability to provide wholesome influence. Christian values are ridiculed by students and some teachers. Tolerance of most everything is preached; except of Christianity and conservative values. Drugs are available in many schools, even if it is done “under the counter.” Abortion is accepted, if not encouraged. Parental influence is carefully controlled. The state and federal governments have too much regulation of the schools. Schools in rural areas may have a somewhat better record but still have much that is undesirable. Extra activities are often contrary to Christian values. Even some Christian schools are not holding fast to basic Bible truths. What are parents to do? Some cannot afford a Christian School, some don’t have the time or ability to homeschool. Do everything possible to find a reliable Godly education for your children and for the good of the country. At the very least, teach them how to adequately defend their faith. Give them solid reasons for Godly standards. Motivate them to be missionaries (so they won’t be mission fields) where they are being trained and pray hard for them.….ye fathers….bring (your children) up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” (From Ephesians 6:4). Selah! If we love our children, we will protect and equip them; if not, we may watch them abandon Christianity!   Ron

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