How Do We Know What’s True?

For most people, what they have been taught or told, by those they trust, is accepted as truth. What they have observed as something that always works the same way is assumed to be true. For too many, educators and media people are assumed to usually be telling the truth, although, deep down in, they know better. Truth (such as mathematics and laws such as the law of gravity) is confirmed by experience. Whatever worldview that we have built, we assume to be basically true. Those whom we trust, friends, teachers, family, media people, authors, etc. have been proven wrong time and again. What we personally believe has often been found to be wrong. Is there no absolute truth? Some tell us that there is no absolute truth. When they tell us that, is what they are telling us absolutely true? If there is no God, we are adrift in a vast sea of uncertainty. No one but God can guarantee absolute Truth. John 17:17 tells us, “….Thy Word is Truth.” Jesus, Who is God, declared in John 14:6, I am….the Truth.” What we choose to believe is true is our responsibility and we are responsible for the consequences that come from our choices. Trusting God unconditionally is the only absolutely solid foundation upon which to build our lives. Selah! The sand of man’s ideas or the rock of God’s Truth, which will you choose? It’s a “no brainer!”   Ron


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